Peace Y'all,

Fibroids are benign tumors that grow in or on the uterus. It is something that American Black women suffer from (I'm not sure that melaninated people in other countries suffer from fibroids). Other factors include family history, never had children, and overweight. I am all of that. I got diagnosed with fibroids at age 28. The doctor found a small one during an annual visit. My mother had really bad fibroids. Doctors told her she couldn't have more children after my older brother. Clearly they were wrong because I'm here. Also in the 70's they didn't know that fibroids were benign. So when my mother birthed me, she also had a hysterectomy in the same surgery.

Because I have fibroids I have PAINFUL and long cycles. I BLEED. I can fill up a super overnight pad in 2 hours on a heavy flow day. I have about 4-5 HEAVY days and then another 3 days light. I only hurt on the heavy days. I lose so much blood, that it has landed me in the hospital. When you …

Ice Cream


Damnit I'm done! I didn't enjoy that fast at all. First of all, it wasn't fast. It was slow as hell. And I've been hungry the entire time. I broke my fast with a salad and soup. And I got the "itis". Oh well. I'm good until next year. J/K! But you know what I mean....

I've been hitting the gym and since I was fasting the best way I know to replenish the wear and tear I sustain with the gym is protein shakes. During my fast I have allowed myself liquid in all its forms. Beverages, soups, icees or ice cream. Since I am a raging lactose intolerant, I do dairy free ice cream.

I got a vitamix a few years ago and I'm love with it and all it can do. It can make soup and it can make ice cream! It actually makes them very similarly; go figure. Here is my recipe...

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 cup coconut milk (or almond milk)
1 cup ice
1 Tbspn vanilla extract
1/4 cup brown sugar or whatever you use as a sweetener

Vitamix that bad boy up and you…

Planet Fitness!


I have made it to the tail end of this fast! Whoo hoo! I had forgotten how hard it is to fast when there are literally people sitting right next to you eating food you wish you could eat. Yesterday my coworker sat across from me eating all my favorite foods from the farmer's market. He actually thanked me for putting him on! The 7 eats in front of me all the time. I act like it doesn’t bother me. It does. As does cooking for him. But, the Earth has her duties…. This is the home stretch and I’m ready!

My plan is to break my fast with a Mediterranean salad from “Fresh to order”! They have the MOST delicious salads I’ve ever tasted and yes they are a tad expensive, but oh so worth it! And as always after a fast… I plan to go raw. Right now my raw plan is for the month of April. After that, I’ll play it by ear. But for raw April, I want to perfect my raw vegan recipes. That’s my goal with the raw veganism. I’ve already said I don’t think it’s safe to eat all raw vegan all the t…

I'm Baaaaack!


I'm back... It's been a hellish couple of years. Quick update... My whole family died. I'm not being flip. It happened. I lost the job I had been working for 13 years right after I bought a house. I found out my heart beats too fast, and there is really no treatment to slow it down. And I have been slapped in the head with viscous insomnia. I'm a person that really likes to sleep. I feel strongly that this is how folks get old; by not sleeping.

But as always... I'm standing squarely on my own Cipher and I'm gone be alright!

But it is that time of year... fasting time. I actually haven't fasted in a few years. I was very sick in 2014. I was throwing up, dizzy, etc. and last year, stressed with the house and such. I had walking pneumonia! This year gave me excuses to not fast, but I declared I was gonna get back to me. Serenity must reappear in her own image. Not somebody's wife, or mother, or employee. Me! The me I want to be. I can honestly say, …

Going back to the beginning

We 5%ers have a degree which talks about going back to basics. 31:40. I'm going to take that advice.
I've been either unwell or downright sick since striving to perform a parasite cleanse last summer. One of the things I stopped doing was fasting. Fasting triggered my vertigo and vertigo triggered a lot of other issues. Well..... I'm going to reclaim my sexy and start fasting again.
Why fasting? Like I said, I've been unwell for almost a year! I've taken a lot of medication. I want the inside of me redeemed. I was never this sick when I fasted. 
The Plan I'm not going to embark on something crazy and drastic. My plan is to master cleanse a few days, juice cleans a few more days, an finally do some raw food for a week afterward. After I'm good and internally detoxed, I will resume normal eating and weekly fasting.... Just like I used to....


Days 7-14


Week 2 was super drama free. I ate salads most days as my big meal. I'm kinda over salads now. I' have plans to un-cook more dishes. On Friday, I did add a piece of sushi to my salad, but I paid for it later. I'm a pescatarian so I will occasionally eat fish. And I assumed if I ate sushi, than that shouldn't be against my raw diet. BUT... apparently it is. It made me sick to my stomach and constipated. Not a good combination.

Other than that, I don't have much to report. My left knee has been giving me a problem. I noticed it clearly this week. I really can't say how long it's been hurting. I have a high tolerance for pain and It could have been nagging me longer than I knew. It's not really a pain, but when I extend it it pops and the popping hurts. It hurts to the touch as well. I'm not going to the doctor. (I hate that I am forced to pay for insurance that I know I won't use!!!!) All they are going to say is lose weight and that should…

Day 1-6


I made it through the 1st week. The Universe must be on my side because the weather has been super accommodating. I don't like fasting in winter because it lowers my body temperature making me colder than I usually am. Because my fast always leads into spring, I can't avoid fasting through the winter. This year, the weather has taken an upturn to being 10-15* warmer than usual. It's supposed to be 75* today.... Thank You Universe!!!!

I haven't stressed out at all over this fast. I have really been going with the flow. If I don't feel like cooking, I eat salad or fruit. On purpose, my salads have been more veggies than fruit. A lot of complaints people have about this diet is that they don't get enough nutrition or it rots their teeth. No. Not gonna let that happen. This week has not been the expensive drama-cooking filled ordeal that I remember raw foods being in the past. I have actually been downright lazy about food prep. And I haven't been buying…